Laser powder cladding is a welding process that has many advantages over conventional welding.
Firstly, it offers greater precision and control over the welding process, resulting in higher quality and more consistent welds. Secondly, it allows for the use of a wider range of materials, including those that are difficult or impossible to weld using traditional methods. Additionally, laser powder cladding produces less heat-affected zones and distortion, which reduces the need for post-welding treatments. Finally, the total process is also faster than conventional welding, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Overall, laser powder cladding is a superior alternative to conventional welding for many applications, thereby improving overall efficiency at a fraction of the cost of buying a new component.

Industrial application of Laser Powder Cladding takes advantage of more than 15 years ongoing research and development by German Gall & Seitz Systems and in cooperation with Trumpf, and the Bremen Institute of Applied Beam Technologies. This cutting edge technology was first applied to the marine sector but is now in use in all sorts of industry due to the ability to weld on objects with high carbon content.
Using our Laser-Powder-cladding technology a wide range of parts and components from all kinds of industries have been reconditioned and successfully returned to service, targeting a zero claim policy.

The process offers technical advantages as:
• Metallic bonding of layers
• Very limited distortion
• Small heat affected zone
• Low effort in pre and post processing
• Enhanced and more durable properties